Is Lease to Purchase (aka Rent to Own) for you?

If you are wanting to buy a house but just need 6-12 months before you can qualify, you still have options. There are thousands just like you who the bank is not ready to say yes to. A mortgage company we trust will work with you to get your credit right so that you can be a home owner in 6-12 months.

In our Lease To Purchase Program, buyers must put down at least 10%. That downpayment will count towards your downpayment when it is time to get a mortgage with a bank. A downpayment is required because banks want you to have equity in the home when buying. The more equity (money you pay towards the house) the better the loan will be from the bank.

Rent-to-Own requirements

Downpayment: 3%-10%

Credit: Imperfect. We will work to get your credit “Bank Ready.”

Monthly Payment: The monthly payment will be equal to the estimate cost of owning the home with a mortgage. We will calculate the estimated Principal, Interest, Taxes and Interest that you will be paying once a bank gives you a mortgage loan.

Length of Rental Agreement: The terms are 12 month agreements. Many of our buyers qualify for a home loan before 12 months. There are no penalties for terminating the lease early.

Property Locations: We offer Rent-to-Own properties in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Houston metro, Tyler and Lubbock.